The MBA class of 2019 – reflections after graduation

MBA class of 2019 after graduating

The MBA class of 2019, comprised of fifty-one students from 24 different countries, graduated on December 12, 2019! We are delighted to see our alumni network grow and wish our graduates all the best for their future. After 12 months of hard work and dedication, our new graduates reflect on the past year.

Animesh Srivastav

Animesh Srivastav

“This has been such an amazing year with new learnings, experiences, and great friendships. Taking a career break and moving to Berlin was a huge decision but I feel it’s been one of my best choices and the hard work has paid off.

Thanks to ESMT’s faculty, staff and my cohort for the fantastic experience. Also, special thanks to my wife and family for their constant support, encouragement, and sacrifices.

Excited and looking forward to starting the next phase of my career in Europe!”

Rory Ribeiro

Rory Ribeiro

“The MBA degree has meant a lot to me. Leaving a comfortable life and stable career until last year in Brazil to move to Berlin. After this year, I am confident to say that the MBA at ESMT Berlin gave me new experiences and tools to apply in my next professional challenges.

From the MasterClasses with several CEOs from the biggest German companies to the International Finance Competition at SDA Bocconi, the MBAT at HEC Paris, the International Field Seminar in China, and the Global Network Week at IE Business School enabled me to have a global vision of the international business.

Thanks to the 19’s MBA Class, ESMT Berlin’s faculty and staff, and my family/friends for supporting me throughout this year. Looking forward to the next challenges.”

Sally Faustine

Sally Faustine

“I would like to thank all of my MBA colleagues, friends, coaches, faculty and staff for making this year such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Congratulations to ESMT as it has been deservingly ranked by Financial Times as #1 business school in Germany and #9 in Europe.

I am so proud to be part of this school’s journey and look forward to applying what I have learned to contribute to society!”

Łukasz Wenerski

“On the 12th of December, I graduated from the MBA program at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin. What a fantastic year it was! I was truly blessed to meet many great people and make friendships that I am sure will survive the test of time and distance.

Lukasz Wenerski

ESMT Berlin has recently been ranked by the Financial Times as the number one business school in Germany and number nine in Europe. I am proud but not at all surprised! The professors at ESMT were an inspiration to me, and I feel honored that, over the last twelve months, I had a chance to listen and talk to them on a daily basis.

Courses on Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Negotiations, Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour, and others helped me to understand the business world much better and prepared me for new opportunities and challenges!”

Jakob Knudsen

Jakob Knudsen

“It’s been an amazing year with countless experiences, learnings, travels, and friendships. I am grateful to have spent a fantastic year with an amazing group of people.

We have learned about some of the core elements of business: Industrial Economics, Finance, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Strategy, Project Management, Leadership, Negotiation and much more – all with a practical point of view, and with masterclasses from German top executives.

This was previously a “black box” for a lawyer like me, and I am sure I will benefit greatly from this acquired business knowledge for the rest of my career.

Thanks for all the support to friends and family, ESMT Berlin and the MBA Class of 2019!”

MBA class of 2019 after graduating

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