Getting to ESMT Berlin, it’s more than just taking off and landing

There is nothing that can match the feeling of receiving an email notification titled “You have been accepted!” For my Master’s in Management (MIM) classmates and I, the process was routine, however it did require a lot of details and work to submit our finest application. I’m going to make the process a little easier for you by sharing my experience and jotting down all the steps you can follow before you finally board your flight and step foot on campus.  

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 1. Let’s commence “Mission Admission” 

The most important step is your applications! You can start your application by logging in directly to the ESMT application portal, BUT WAIT!!! 

That’s not an efficient manager’s approach! My advice is to make a note of all the requirements, acquire them, and then apply. So let me list them for you. 

“Well begun is half done”- Aristotle 

Identification documents and details

Your CV is going to be the first way you can portray the finest version of yourself, so keep it crisp and clean. Upload your best professional photograph – let me stress the fact that it should be your most recent one and a clear one .Your GRE/GMAT scores and proof of language proficiency (if English is not your native language) also needs to be uploaded. 

Pro tip: You can submit your application without the test scores and then submit or update the GRE/GMAT scores after you take the test later. 


You are applying for the #1 Business School in Germany so do your best in answering the questions, truthfully and innovatively. Here you can express your passions, aspirations and your motivation for applying for the MIM program. But it gets tricky as there is a word limit. Ruminate on the content you would like to highlight and prioritize those points in your essay. 

  “Words are like leaves; and where they most abound,  
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found” Alexander Pope 


For the letters of recommendation, don’t worry, ESMT has got you covered! You don’t have to worry about letter formats and requirements. You can provide the details of your referees and ESMT will contact them via email with a set of questions regarding your performance. This is where your referee can be candid about your strengths and weaknesses. 

Pro tip: Keep in touch with your referees and notify them beforehand about the email or they might miss it. 

Scholarship Essay

If you believe you have a great profile let ESMT know! Type it out in the scholarship essay; note your achievements, your goals, and why you deserve it.  

Pro tip: Don’t overthink the possibility of not getting a scholarship as the evaluation is not in your hands. However, I would stress the fact that it’s worth a try.  


2. Tell me about yourself 

It’s time for another major step, passing the interview which generally lasts 30 to 40 minutes, or maybe longer in some cases. The admissions panel will get in touch with you. Go on a treasure hunt and connect with alumina, they may be able to provide insights into the process to make it easier. Your admissions officer will be the one to vouch for your acceptance so put your best foot forward. If your admissions officer gives you suggestions about track selection do keep them in mind. If you have any queries, this is the best possible chance to address your questions.  


3. Cheers! You got accepted!!! What now? 

Your acceptance letter is the most important document! It will come with a deadline for confirmation, strictly to follow it. Termin ist Termin! Now comes the next big step to getting here!! Of course, student services can assist you, but it’s better to be prepared. 

If you have to apply for the visa, see to it that you download the checklist provided by the German embassy, blindly follow it, and make your to-do list for the documents you will need. 

Pro tip:- always check your passport validity and make sure. it covers at least one more year from the start of your journey at ESMT… you can get your renewals done but it would be a hassle. 

Methodically consider your finances and legal documents! You may choose to do it in various ways to finance your studies and if you would also need more information you can visit the ESMT website. Generally getting into Germany you might require a blocked account, but of course not in all cases…However, it’s a very efficient way in which the government wants to take care of students. Thus, see to it that your finances are available on time for the same amount or else it may become a reason for not getting your visa. 

Having health insurance is another very important requirement if you’re traveling to Germany from the non-EU countries, therefore make sure it is issued and accepted by a trusted company. 

4. All done, now where do I stay

On a very frank note, searching for accommodation online in Berlin is not an easy process and unless you plan to stay with family or friends, it can be difficult to find a place. Try searching for a residence that allows you to register i.e Anmeldung. You should inspect your accommodation thoroughly before you transfer any funds and proceed accordingly. Completing this process plays a crucial role in working in Germany, as be it part-time or full-time, you will need all your legal paperwork along with your proof of address, so don’t mess it up. 

5) Flight 10247 is ready for take-off… 

Last step, booking flights. 

I know it’s not a huge deal for future managers and CEOs but that last minute flight can cost you a lot of money! However, with the global pandemic still in effect, there may be some issues regarding your flights to Germany. Please check how much luggage they will allow you! Some flights may seem cheaper or have less travel time but only include cabin luggage. Also, be sure to check ‘a.m’ and ‘p.m’ timings concerning the different time zones you may be travelling through so that you won’t get held up at the airport!  

Finally, take care, wear a mask, maintain social distance and follow the updated Covid protocol at the airport and on campus. Better safe than sorry! 


6. I can’t make it!! 

2020 has been a difficult year and there is a lot to take in and there may be restrictions preventing you from travelling. I totally understand if you get stuck and are not able to make it to Berlin. But the process of learning never stops! Keeping that in mind, we have adopted a hybrid way of learning encompassing both online and offline teaching. In fact most of our classes and events are taking place via online platforms. 

Another option available is the MIM Essentials Programme which is purely designed for remote learning and is a program delivered by ESMT Berlin, IE Business School, and Imperial Business School. Experience the WOW Room as part of your MIM Essentials Program – Winner of Best Innovation in Business Education at Reimagine Education Awards 2018.  

I hope to connect and see you soon on campus. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the MIM ambassadors’ team. We are happy to help you. 

Next stop ESMT Berlin! 


Radhika Rajvanshi 
ESMT MIM Ambassador

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