MIM @ ESMT – Module 2

An update

Amidst all the exams and assignments, I am writing this post because now with a more regular life here in Berlin my judgement would not be biased (and you will learn the significance of this word when you do as it might have been in my first post and also might help maintaining the continuity my first post.

This time of the year most of my class is busy applying for various internships and its tough to find one for a non-German speaker (so you might want to start early!). The career services at ESMT however have been quite useful in arranging some events which are helpful.

My overall experience in the first module was quite great in terms of the quality of professors and also in terms of the broad range of content that was covered during the class. Its quite surprising that in such a short time, we are equipped with a lot of techniques to analyze and make decisions based on data. I have learned various new modelling techniques and am quite impressed by the course content of some of the courses.

5 weeks into the second module, I cannot deny that its taking some time to get used to the work load again after quite a long winter break. Along with the regular work, the ghost of internship still looms.


The city is quite cold but yet beautiful in the winters (although it is too cold to observe the beauty really). Most of the class went home during the break, and a few of us stayed back in Berlin, however one added bonus of being here is that there are a lot of nice places around Berlin to visit and so you can actually not regret having not gone home during the winter break. The Christmas markets keeps you occupied and also so full all the time with great gluhwein and wurst of course.

Simulating reality

One of the most interesting part of the studies here at ESMT in contrast to my undergraduate is the kind of application focused learning, we are continuously exposed to some best simulation practices to learn key concepts. Sometimes it does happen that simulations do not leave you satisfied and seem exaggerated but most of the times they are really good tools to help you learn concepts as well as team building and working.

Learning it the German way

Since my time here I have bought countless number of planners and now I find myself planning weeks in advance, I out rightly blame/give credit to the German way of planning. One of the most correct stereotypes associated with Germans is their planning and punctuality, and one of things you quickly see yourself doing is planning, maintaining schedules on your calendar and sending RSVPs.

Long story short

The course has been very satisfying for me personally, and I am really glad that I get to work as an intern (hopefully) after the bombardment of so much information in the 2 modules, I really would like to apply these newly learned techniques and kind of see where and how it all applies in the “real” world.