Internship Bound

So far ESMT has been nothing short of a thrill ride.

It seems like ages ago but I remember when the program started, I was all wide eyed and bushy tailed. Right now, it seems my tail has lost it fluff and my eyes now have depth due to all the short nights and long, long days. I have found myself in the “valley of despair” few times during the first two modules of the program. However, the clouds parted after a while and the sun shone again.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m having the time of my life here in Berlin, I am enjoying the classes and learning, not only from the traditional sources but very unconventional sources as well. I believe the MIM program has been designed in such a way to constantly keep us on our toes and to think actively. (it may sound fun but believe me it can become exhausting)

It has been a vicious LISTEN, THINK, IMPLEMENT cycle. Just as you start balancing one course the second, third and perhaps fourth is thrown into the mix. While juggling these courses at a circus-level efficiency we work in teams on cases and projects. Learning doesn’t stop after the final exam. The courses have been designed in such a way that we find ourselves applying the concepts learnt from Module 1 in Module 2.

Now we are gradually entering a new phase of the program; The Internship Module.
Searching for an internship position is not the smoothest of rides but thankfully I have mine sorted out. I really can’t explain how excited I am to start my Internship in SAP by April, with a computer science background this is the best way to leverage my previous strengths with the new skills learnt from ESMT Berlin.

I am also excited about applying the IMPLEMENT part of the cycle during the internship and see how relevant the classroom topics are in the real world. Hopefully I will have tangible stories and experiences to share about how I applied the individual course I have learnt so far in the MIM program. Druecken mir die Daumen!


  1. Hello Dhimitra, Welcome to the program!
    Yes definitely, IBM is one of the top companies in my books.
    And I’ve been researching on the IBM Blockchain project, It’s sounds very interesting.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I’m starting the MIM program in 2017 and I love reading about current students’ experiences. Happy to hear you got an internship at SAP! If you’re interested in doing SAP for a consulting firm in the future, let me know. I’m currently on an SAP project with IBM and would love to connect if you’re interested in this for the long-term.

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