Fitness, tech, and the ESMT Berlin MIM – Edoardo De Juliis’ internship experience

Beat81 team photo with TV tower in background

As part of the ESMT’s Master’s in Management program, students must complete a mandatory internship to earn credit towards their Master’s degree. We caught up with Edoardo De Juliis, Master’s in Management student from the 2018-2020 class, who recently completed his first-year internship.

Can you tell us about the company where you did your internship and explain what you did there during your time as an intern?

BEAT81 is a fitness and technology startup based in Berlin that offers HIIT group workouts. The program combines high-intensity group training, motivational coaching, and heart rate technology. The technology used includes a heart rate sensor, which is worn during each workout and shows people how their heart responds to exercise in real-time. Participants see their heart’s performance via a live display throughout their training and they receive personalized results afterward.

Beat81 team photo with TV tower in background

I first started working at BEAT81 as an Operations Intern, which involved working in the areas of logistics, supply chain, and doing a lot of “hands-on work.” Moving cargo bikes (which is what we use to store equipment when training outdoors), purchasing fitness equipment, and making sure everything was ready for the international rollouts was challenging and not exactly what I expected my internship would look like. Nevertheless, I would do everything again.

After the first month and a half in Operations, I moved into the Marketing Department. This involved studying the analytics behind our partners, taking ownership of the Customer Service Department, and actively participating in the marketing campaigns which were carried out during my time there.

What has been your single biggest learning experience during the MIM program so far?

I would not say that there is one big learning, but rather many small things which have shaped my mindset into what it is now. But definitely, learning how to deal with time pressure and having a willingness to work hard has been vital for my experience at BEAT81.

How did the internship add to the learning experience?

Well, studying is one thing, but working is on another level. When working, you feel more pressure because if you fail, you let down many people, whereas during your studies if you fail, you are the only one that suffers the consequences. The internship has taught me to embrace responsibilities, to not be afraid to jump into the unknown, and to “make it yours,” – basically to carry on with something that you have started until it’s done, and be 100% accountable for it.

What was your most memorable experience during your internship?

It actually did not happen during my internship, but right after I started working as a Working Student. We had just received a big investment and moved into a new office. The Operations Manager and I were talking about all of the hands-on work we had to do to prep all of the bikes and all those hours in the old office, where we were all sitting close to each other sweating in almost 40° C heat. He then looked at me and told me “look at where we are now, WE made it” and then high fived me. At that moment, I really felt how much I belong there and that I am part of the “old guard,” that helped shape BEAT81 into what it is now.

How did your MIM courses prepare you for your internship?

Again, I think time management, task prioritization, a willingness and grit to put into the work and get the job done is what I will always be thankful to ESMT for teaching me.

How did career services prepare you for your internship?

10/10. Their patience with me has been truly remarkable. I was basically in the career services office every other day. Starting from CV review, to mock interviews, without Dorota’s advice, I don’t know if I would have been able to get this offer.

What is your one ultimate tip for incoming MIM students – for the internship or MIM?

Make every day count, never settle, don’t compare yourself to others, and have clear goals. You don’t necessarily need to know which company or position you would like to work in, but you need to understand what kind of person, in the long run, you aim to become.

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