Career and business insights: MIM students visit Circ

MIM students at CIRC

E-scooters are everywhere. If you are living in a major city and have not seen people zooming by on an electric scooter, then you have probably been living under a rock! The E-scooter is the latest form of electric mobility to populate the streets of Berlin and Circ is one of the companies providing a sustainable alternative to more traditional modes of transport.  

Last week our Master’s in Management students had the opportunity to visit Circs’s headquarters in Berlin to gain an insight into how the business is run and to learn about career opportunities.  

MIM students at CIRC

Students were presented with an overview of today’s car use and how there is a need for a greener and more sustainable mobility solution. According to CIRC, 50% of all car rides are traveling a distance below 10 km, and 70% of all car rides only have one person per car.  

They also learned about some of the company’s facts & figures such as: Circ has launched its scooters in 41 cities worldwide, has 6 million scooters, and intends to expand its services to the UAE in the future.  

Students then moved on to learn about the tech side of the business. They were introduced to the CTO and co-founder of the company who gave a short overview into the technical aspects of the company such as how they track the scooters, how they collect and use their data, and how they have improved their algorithms, etc.  

Next up was finance. The head of finance presented students with some numbers and challenged them with different questions about the financial side of a start-up, such as “Imagine you are an investor – what would you want to know before giving us your money?”. Students enjoyed an engaging exchange on this topic!  

Our students were then presented with a challenge. They were split up into groups to work on a case study and come up with ideas on how to further optimize the scooter and to calculate and analyze the logistics involved. They then presented their ideas at the end. One group was very close to the real-life results!  

To conclude the day, the Circ team provided information about available junior positions and internships at the company and gave information on how to apply. Students then had the chance to network.  

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