My MBA Friends Forever!


If you ever talk with an MBA student, the first thing you would hear would be how busy they are. Yes we are busy…Busy like bees. But that’s not all. Yes we do have time schedules for group projects, certainly we study for long hours together but that does not mean we are not networking together or we are not getting to know each other. The most enjoying part of doing MBA is having a lot of friends and getting a chance to learn from people different cultures. Now we are in Module 3 and I had chance to work with people from 6 nationalities. I still have a lot to go but even now I am feeling that I developed long-lasting friendships in ESMT.


I believe that building good relationships has more value than the value you gain completing your MBA studies. So, Hello my friend, Hallo there, ¡Hola my friend, Namaste, Goeie dag, Ete-sen! I can not wait to get to know all of you. See you soon!