ETP Salon 2024: A gathering of minds and ideas 

Recently, our 14th ETP Salon brought together graduates from ESMT Berlin’s Executive Transition Program (ETP) from across 20 cohorts for a vibrant and insightful gathering.  

A long-standing 15-year annual tradition, the annual event was hosted by Dr. Sarah Horn, program director of executive education at ESMT. The Salon offers a unique opportunity for participants to continue learning, engage in deep networking, and nurture a unique community of peers who face similar challenges and aspirations. 

Exploring diversity in leadership 

ETP Salon 2024 group activity

This year’s ETP Salon focused on the theme of “Diversify” and spurred engaging discussions around several critical leadership questions: 

  • Understanding one’s own diversity profile: If diversity represents the many ways in which people differ in their experiences and interactions with the world, what unique perspective do I bring? 
  • Inspiring inclusive spaces through self-leadership: How can we lead and show up ourselves as leaders to create safe, empowering, and joyful spaces where everyone feels they belong? 
  • Expanding the capacity to connect at a deeper level: What does it truly mean to be an inclusive leader and courageously embrace diversity, ambiguity and potential conflict?  
  • Leveraging diversity for business growth: How can we access diversity of thought to help everyone be their best self, to inform our daily decisions and actions for the greater good? 

These questions guided our exploration of topics such as self-leadership, adaptive change, cognitive diversity, and GenAI for innovation. 

Building a community of lifelong learners at ESMT Berlin

The ETP Salon is more than just an event; it is a community of lifelong learners, mutual career champions, and societal leaders. Whether the participants graduated just last year or over a decade ago, they find immense value in reconnecting and exchanging leadership perspectives and experiences, and gaining the latest insights from ESMT faculty, one of the promises of the ETP Salon.  

At ESMT Berlin, we are committed to fostering an environment where our alumni can explore the evolving landscape of leadership and drive meaningful change. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, inspire one another, and create a brighter future for all.  

We thank everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the event and look forward to seeing you at next year’s ETP Salon on June 19 and 20. 

Find out more about the Executive Transition Program (ETP) at ESMT Berlin. The next cohort starts in November 2024

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