Welcome class 2008!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the women and men who have through wise decision making found themselves replacing yours truly and company at ESMT. I can only wish you the best. I am sure at the end of it all you will agree but for now just tie your laces and hit the track. The bottom line is getting settled asap. Finding a place to call home should be first on the agenda. There is no time to look once the gun goes off. Its nicer to do things in good time before you get fed-up with the status quo. Expect to hit the ground running, literally! The is no ease-in, or build-up. Welcome to the military, boys and girls!

As for seeing Berlin, I would advise a bus tour to familiarise with places.Spare a couple of hours early on for discovery. My graduation guests said it was more enjoyable than the London tour. So there you go. Part of the MBA experience in Berlin is getting to know the city and the people – cultural exchange. I would not leave this till the summer break! The whole idea is that come December you should all be Berliners!

Wishing you all an experience to remember.

ps. Congrats to Tata for thinking of the safety of wives and children often transported on motorbikes in India and introducing the world’s cheapest car-so far! Here comes the smog….

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