Time management: defining the future

The siesta is now well and truly over. The sun is setting and the cool evening chill brings issues of its own. The smiling faces of summer are harder to elicit in corridors. I am not one for gossip but rumours of classmates having finished their thesis draft has spurred the rest of the gang to action. As a group we are ambitious and indirectly competitive by nature. Indirectly because like in marathons there will be people running for different reasons, some for medals, some for improving personal bests, some because they have bet on the family car, some because they need company and others just because they have nothing better to do. One thing is for sure though: nobody wants to be disqualified or to faint in front of the finish line.

As I have said before, few stimulants have quite the same effect as fear. I am sure that in the future biotechnology will come up with a safe drug that sets off what I call “focused panic”. That is activates the survival centre without the side effects. This of course applies largely to others :-). I have always revelled in going against the grain, somewhat like Warren Buffet. My favourite cartoon characters come to mind here, calmly walking towards danger as if it did not exist. Confidence, cockiness and attitude do hold sway in life but only with a dash of wisdom and knowledge. And above all courage.

This is quite the opposite of what happens in the animal kingdom because when wildebeest smell an approaching feline there is “mass panic”.  It is all about awakening the slumbering part of our conciousness that seems to be able to do it all. I hypothesise that great thinkers and doers have somehow mastered the art of doing things as if their life depended on it. But, with everything in life, too much of many a good thing yields the same results as the worst of them all.

My allocated time has expired and hence I stop and get back to work.


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