Through the eyes of an MBA mommy – My way to ESMT

“We would like to thank you for investing your time to get to know ESMT (…) Based on the decision of the Admissions Committee, I am personally delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a candidate for the next ESMT MBA class starting January 2014.”

I was sitting in front of my computer staring at the e-mail with the offer to enroll in ESMT. I was exhilaratingly happy and nervously petrified at the same time. What does this mean for us?

For a long time I had been thinking about doing some kind of business education, preferably an MBA. I was looking at some part-time options in my home country, but finally I decided that it was better to do it full time and somewhere abroad, to really focus on it and to gain international exposure. It was never a good time to do it though. There was always a project going on, or there was this or that. It is pretty amazing how everything came to place once I was on my maternity leave. By being taken away from my everyday business routine, the professional part of my brain was completely clean from all the regular noise and I could finally see what I wanted to do next. I figured that I would try to apply and see what happens. If I got admitted, great, if not, at least I had tried.

I browsed through a number of schools, but I finally decided to apply only to one – ESMT. It was in Berlin, Germany, it had technology and sustainability tracks instead of hard-core finance and investment banking, the class size was relatively small, and the names of the founding companies were just dazzling. For me, this was the place to be. There were just some “little” things which needed to be done – the GMAT, the TOEFL and the application essays. I was really lucky that my daughter was sleeping a lot at that stage, so I had time to study and to write and rewrite my application essays. The admissions process was really fast. The interview was scheduled around five days after I submitted my application and the offer arrived only six days after the interview.

“So, are we really doing this?”, I was sitting with my husband at our dining table. “Well, I think we are.” We were both smiling. “Next year is going to be such an adventure. Our first big family adventure.”

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Diana is currently an MBA candidate at ESMT. Prior to the MBA she graduated and got her PhD degree in electrical engineering at the University of Zagreb. For the past seven years she had been working in renewable energy sector as project developer of wind and solar projects.