The thesis smile

Every now and again a strange thing happens. As we go about our daily business the phenomenon becomes more and more widespread. Only cynicists and pessimists would unduly make the case for the opposite. As we approached the final thesis week, the glum looks and barely there smiles were replaced by a new found enthusiasm. A joie de vivre!Suddenly colleagues had a spring in their step and some went as far as wearing smug looks at the coffee dispenser in the corridors of MBA ‘plus’ floor. It seems the grey clouds that had hovered for seemingly endless weeks were finally lifting. It is amazing that when one has deadlines approaching and is under pressure opportunities appear. I have always imagined that the greatest opportunity often comes when you most ill-prepared for it. The difference between those who make a mark in history and the also-rans ( or silent majority who just pass through) is determined by that simple moment of courage or cowardice.

Whether it is meeting the girl you fancy the day you forgot to shower and brush your teeth, a night out invitation with the boss when you are broke, a freebie dinner invitation to a swanky hotel when you have just force-fed yourself greasy street takeaways, meeting the chairman of the board the day you are wearing your nasty message t-shirt and other such delights. On this occasion, you have just send in your thesis and copied yourself the email just in case but to your horror you find the transmitted mail went with horrendous errors you had spent hours painfully fixing earlier. I am cool guy under pressure not because i do not care but because If I ever alow myself to panic things would only get worse but I did consider sending in a disclaimer stating that I had nothing to do with the faux-pas. But the difference between teachers and students is not the thesis, nor the paychecks, nor the bonuses you take home, but rather the human factor, the realisation that life is a long learning curve and the willingness to let others learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them. And what is more important than the assignment is what you learnt about yourself in the process of accomplishing the task. Long after the drama and panic are forgotten, the personal adjustments that result remain.

 I had promised myself to not let the thesis momentum fade but to keep going as I turn my attention to other things.

Good luck and Godspeed to all my classmates.


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