The Reluctant Anarchist

When things go smoothly and every little thing happens as you planned, and if there is absolute order, what would happen to life? Will it be fun anymore? This is the question that made me think about order itself. What if there is no order and there is anarchy, will there be chaos or will there be harmony? Hence does it make sense to be an anarchist or a conformist?

In every civilization, two forces tend to act upon in different polarities, one tries to establish order and the other tries to do away with that order. The second force is often perceived upon as something that is unpleasant and which threatens the basic fabric of society. However, if one clearly observes it is this second force that creates progress and development. As a conformist society, we often shun those who oppose order and treat them as outcast, but it is fascinating that these outcasts create order from chaos, which we then treat as the norm.

Hence if anarchists end up establishing new orders then why do we fear them? Why do we try to suppress and shun them? It is because as a society, we are afraid that the new order established by these anarchist, will challenge everything that we hold dear and sacred. We don’t want that to happen, because then it will question our own existence and our so called truths about our identity. Having said that does anarchy mean violence, yes but it is violence of different kind. It is not a violence brought upon by arms rather It is a violence, which questions ideas. It is not a violence that results in bloodshed, rather it is a violence that results renewal of our old self. It is not a violence that results in death of beings; it is a violence that results in birth of new ways. Ultimately anarchy is a violence that leads to inner peace. So if anarchy is so peaceful, why do we see, protests that end in violence? I guess what has been marketed as anarchy in the modern society is not anarchy at all rather a glamorized version of conformism in the package of anarchy. This brings up the last question if anarchy is the way to go then why are more people not choosing this path? The reason is because we are all anarchists by nature, but reluctant ones. However it is only when this reluctance is broken can we achieve our true potential. So how could you emerge out of this reluctance? This is an answer one has to find for themselves. Lucy Parson condensed in two sentences on how one could move from the tipping point of reluctant anarchist to a real one and I quote “Anarchism has but one infallible, unchangeable motto, ‘Freedom.’ Freedom to discover any truth, freedom to develop, to live naturally and fully.”