The Race

As I began my race, the wise sage remarked, “Life is too short to be spent on worrying”. I believe it too not because life is too short, but because my dreams are too big to be wasted on worries.

Half way through my race, happiness abounded me and the wise sage once again remarked that “happiness does not remain long so try to enjoy when you have it”. I believe in that too, happiness does not remain long, but it does not mean I cannot enjoy the tough times.

As the race continued, troubles and sorrow overtook me and the old sage laughed and said “Troubles are reserved for the unwise”, it may be true that I was not wise enough, but to be honest to myself was far better than to be wise.

Finally I ran my race and completed the journey and the old sage came and whispered to me “you could have done better; this was not your best effort’. I looked him into his eyes and said “I could have done better as you say, but I have given it all and don’t regret for it, this was my race and not yours”