TABD-making history!

We had the golden opportunity to host the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue at esmt. The members were the movers and shapers in the world of healthcare and politics. All the big pharma CEOs, IT industry lords and politicians were to be found in the building. MBA students were simply instructed to stay on our floor and out of sight!

As a follower of global events and an interested party in the HIV/Aids pandemic killing millions aorund the world I felt compelled to do something to remind the vip’s!

Concerned about being jailed I enquired from the college whether I would be breaking college statutes or polizei laws by mounting a picket line at the entrance to the building-just in case I needed to be bailed :-).The good professor advised me to write a letter instead mainly because he could give no guarantees!

Getting supporting signatures was a challenge as some felt  the effect would be negligible. Some viewed participation in anything against the authorities as criminal. I, for one have experience dealing with fear. At some point people will show their true colours. It was surprising that some feared more for the college’s reputation than good ol’ prof did!

At the end of the conference, I was overjoyed when an announcement was made in the US by Bill Clinton that a deal had been secured to allow two Indian pharma companies to produce and distribute cheaper drugs. The commitment had been here made in Berlin prior to the announcement. We had all played a part.

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