So long Berlin…till we meet again!

I have finally left Berlin for home. I feel I left a part of me at ESMT. I am somewhat used to saying goodbyes and moving on but this time instead of heading off into the sunset at the crack of dawn, I wound down till I was ready to leave! You may ask what is the difference? The difference is that unlike those who took off early, I won’t miss the place as fast. Of course, some had places to go to be with partners, family and others. Some personalities avoid bonding in order to make exits in haste! I predict the early escapees will be missing the rest of us sooner and probably, much more too! It might sound haughty but the subconcious is slower at accepting change and needs time to adapt. I suspect they are already dreaming of being back at ESMT wearing 2008 name tags…

I spent all night hectically packing all I had into bags before heading off to the airport. I never realised how much stuff I had brought with me during the year. Still the cab driver had to wait at least 15 mins. If he had not been driving me to the airport he’d surely have started his meter earlier. Fortunately  for me he had driven me at least twice before. Our conversation in German was governed by his speed, the faster he went the more I talked, but when he slowed down too much he quickly found out he was talking to himself. We quickly reached a common understanding and made it to the airport on time.

Nothing had prepared me for the exit crunch. I arrived at the airport hoping to benefit from having been a student one last time. The check-in asked me to pay EUR 12.50 for excess weight which I gladly agreed to fork out. I dunno what she must have written on my slip coz I faced 150 EUR at the counter. The rather friendly lass forgot to add PER KILO as she smiled at me! Funny though, because the last time I took that many bags I only paid 16 EUR in total ! Of course I knew that airlines tend to kick where it hurts just before the flight takes off. But one last time….not so lucky. When ATMs were introduced in the 1980’s, they were magical holes in the wall which shelled out money! I had not checked my account balance for that week and was pretty sure I was in the red. When it spewed out money I was ecstatic. Imagine being so happy for such a small amount! But there I was punching the air in celebration. The smallest things often make the important difference! Remember the multi-billion dollar Hubble telescope which had a thin washer missing and as a result dished out blurry photos for ages till fixed, and of course the Bush-Gore election when the machine imprint was ever so difficult for “experts” to discern who really got the vote!  I am still waiting for one of the judges to write a tell all memoir and spill the beans. For sheer value, I think Gore should be be happy with theNobel prize he took home. Executive office has a way of adding decades your appearance… just look at the Clintons!

It is Christmas day, and it is apt to wish all who read this blog and share the day a Merry Christmas and the rest a joyous festive season!


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