Real world….

Well, folks, I am back on the radar. I think we have reached a phase in the program when ‘they’ try to sensitize us to the real-world challenges and harsh realities. Being an African, was a reminder of why I am here. It was not enough for me to be content rendering good service to ill folk when the big picture was faulty. I had gotten tired of being the oarsman when we were getting further off course. It was that either no one was steering my continent’s rudder, or he was drunk and had fallen asleep, or even worse had dived overboard preferring to bester sharks than stick around! I have never been pretentious about what the dark continent needs to do but that’s another story.

Well, the economics of development, sustainability, etc are meant to create a business leader with heart. These are pertinent because this is the age of realization or enlightenment. We really are stuck together on this planet! Only love is greater than fear, and it has been the latter that has instrumental. Would that be the reason billionaires (bless them ) are busy offloading their hard-earned gains to poorer folk? Did they realize it would be too much to carry off should the seas rise and the metropolis go under? Just kidding…I am no cynic.

We are about to start work on our practice projects and thesis. As far as I know, most of us got the projects we wanted to work on. It turns out a good number will be traveling across the world! I don’t whether it is good fortune or not, but I will be riding a bus to my project site. It looks like our costs will be rock-bottom- the sponsors will be amused when the most expensive item will be a cab ride worth ten euros!. Hahaha! Still, I ain’t complaining coz I got my first choice and still think for my interests and skill set I would not change it.

I can see the finish line in the distance…


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