Race, Religion or God – Who created Disparities in the Society

When you reach the heights of boredom and you have nothing to do, there are two possibilities, one you can sleep and two you can do something better than sleeping. Unfortunately, I chose the second and these are my scribbling for the summer break. In my recent trip to San Francisco, I was struck by what I saw; in a span of 500 meters on a single street. I met two kinds of people in these streets, not the old school classification of good and bad and not the modern classification of rich and poor, rather the ones who lost their dreams and the ones who run in search of vain dreams.
So what is the reason for this problem? Is it the race that one is born and of which one has no control? Is it religion that one practices of which one was indoctrinated when they were young? Or is it God, the one who you can attribute everything, when things don’t go your way? These were the questions I had in my mind and I wanted to take a closer look at each of these entities.

First, let’s look at Race, People often blame race as the problem for such disparity, although I am not an expert on the subject, but there may be some truth in it. So what are the disparities that can arise out of race, well first your skin color could be different, you can be either short or tall, you can even be slim or fat but what has it got to do with dreams and the answer is nothing. If you want to dream, you can dream, even if every single aspect of your freedom is curtailed. There were men and women in history, who dreamt even when there was no hope. Their dream had a purpose and this purpose gave them hope and this hope led them to a better place. Maybe race then can’t be the problem for the disparity.

Second, let’s look at Religion. People sometimes ascribe religion and its teachings for every evil in the society including these disparities. But taking a closer look at the teachings of every major religion, none of which asks individuals to forsake their dreams or chase idle dreams. All these religions ask individuals to follow a harmonious path to attain their dreams; dreams that benefit not the narrow minded vision of individual rather dreams that benefit the world at large. Maybe religion is not the problem for these disparities.

Finally, let’s take a look at God. It is not uncommon to hear people state that all disparities were created by God, people often state this, because they know the party ascribed the blame cannot defend. However is there any truth in the guilt ascribed to God? What did God do? (Doesn’t matter what your religious views are), he gave people the mind, he gave the ability to dream and he gave the ability to pursue it and this he gave to everyone irrespective of race or religion. Hence if someone does not use the ability is it the mistake of God or the individuals? So is it right to ascribe the blame to God for all disparities? Maybe not

Finally after having looked up at each of these, I ended up with more question than I started and if someone out there has already found the answers, I bet they were more bored than me.