Post MBA hangover

It seems like only yesterday we were locked up and have now been freed, but for some strange reason most of us found solace in the one place we could not wait to get out of all year. The loss at new found freedom, reminds me of Neslon Mandela after he had left prison in 1990, and found he was only confortable in a small room for years. I often wonder whether the frustrated mind undergoes some sort of metamorphosis and begins to identify previous hates as friendlier than the unknown- I am probably clutching at straws here but a form of Stockholm syndrome. If that is the case then our entire class is obviously suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder en masse!

I recall many years ago after just finishing medical school, I went to my dad’s office to tell him I had survived the final two weeks’ 50 hours of medical riguor and was surprised when his response was simply ” good and now you can enjoy yourself”. I was at a loss at what to do and thus headed back to the medical residence only to find that the only ones missing were the married ones who had been dragged home by their spouses. The rest were milling around aimlessly. Of course 36 hours later we were all over town! That lull, needs further research by some emminent professor in need of a Nobel prize…! He won’t even need mice for it because of the thousands of newly minted MBAs and other college graduates in search of opportunity.

A colleague floated a theory that the program had made him dummer. As a finance person he had never accepted “It depends” as an answer. Now, even he used the phrase! In my background, such an unqualified statement was flirting with failure but now seemed not so stupid after all. The program introduced the ‘third way’, previously implausible.

We are heading towards graduation, in fact only 48hrs away to be precise. The insecurities of real life are starting to sneak into our lives once again. Job security, salary, bills etc…oh yeah that stuff- almost as an afterthought! Most of us will end up somewhere comfy and glad we did the program. For a select few this is the chance to justify having learnt about business. I am sure in the coming months the movers and shakers will stake their claim whilst the rest find their way back ordinary life. If you have read my blog more than once it will be obvious to which group I belong.

It is somehow appropriate that a funpark was setup in the square if front of the college entrance. The rides await the inner child in each of us who has been longing for freedom.


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  1. True, true. But it’s only when real-life insecurities set in that you realise an MBA was worth it in the first place. And that it’s actually a lot more fun out in the ‘real’ world.

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