Partir…c’est un peu morir… (Bits and pieces – end of Module 2)

All good things in life are…10! Seven more modules and counting down.

In retrospective the first quarter has gone quite fast. We are all now into the learning rhythm again and the “oldies” like me (well, not quite but I look back to my student’s life some years ago now) can confirm that it can only get better and better. This second module transcended in my universe without major pain or glory but with the cumulative satisfaction of managing the life of academia, the life as a single mom and the future life as …well who knows for sure now?  Anyhow, my major achievement was jumping my own shadow…and that hurt on the ego…

During this module I confirmed once more the Hindu grace of problem solving and discovered again the infinite generosity of a well functioning team. We won the business simulation and we had fun in getting there: for Mirko “Kumar-Pannesi” Wagner together with Satyanaran Sundararaman Operations was kind of piece of cake. Ambar, Ritesh and I had the Marketing and Finance part well under control (“save the document, Ambar”!) and Dorothea kept exceptional good track of the overall activity while maintaining our spirits up and running.

But of all those episodes that this Module delivered the one that deserves a special place in esmt’s memorabilia is definitely the one delivered so elegantly by Dorothea during the Marketing class (see Gee’s column April 1st). I regret we were not filmed by the cameras in the Auditorium! What a laugh!

My private episode though is the conclusion of the Advanced Marketing syllabus by Luc Wathieu… in his words is all about Belgian Buddhism (sic transit gloria mundi) and what he loves to expect from his scholars: decency, passion and smartness about business; audacity, cosmopolitism, critical thinking… He was and remains UNSTOPPABLE!