Of belles and bells.

At the end of the delightful ball the belle is often carted off by a dashing fellow-like myself. In a similar manner, the recruitment season signals the beginning of the end of the MBA program. Its a slow process back to reality. For most of this year, we enjoyed ourselves as we had done aeons ago as undergrads. In the distance the bells are beginning to toll for us now but none-the-less the freedom has been good therapy.

The recruitment season is akin to the hunting season in rural England before it was banned and reduced to a pointless exercise. The excitement rises to a crescendo and then ebbs. There are occasions when we wonder whether the companies have really sent their best whilst at the same time feeling a sense of relief at being able to compare ourselves favourably to them. The truth is that, whether impressive or not they delivered when it mattered most. Life is pretty much the same. I love the latin expession -‘Carpe diem’ meaning ‘seize the day’. Those who able to do so when people are looking whether by sheer luck or complete accident get ahead. It is that simple.

I have been warmed by the camaraderie in our class regarding interviews and presentations.There are no knives drawn and there is no blood on the floor.Bravo!

I expect to write more as the season unfolds and thus better cut it short. Cheers to all.


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