Never too early to start learning

Three days into Module 3, I sit up and wonder what happened to Module 2. All the boredom of Module 2 is replaced with hours of pre reads and exercises for Corporate Finance and Industry and Competition Analysis. Yesterday, I had to sit up till 1.30 am to do the pre class exercises for Corporate Finance and the next two days do not look any better – The Crown Case for I&C Analysis, Macroeconomics preread, the Corporate Finance exercises and the Managerial Accounting Individual Exercises. I think this will be my story for the whole module.

In the middle of this, today evening, we had our first Master Class – Ulrich Wilhelm, spokesperson of the German Chancellor. Many were not keen to attend, How is a politician going to add value? But I must say, I came away being very impressed. He was frank, candid and genuine. His matter of fact statement on the Work Life balance being non-existent was so real and immediately, he had opened up enough of him to become, just another You-and-Me doing a top job. The Drinks that followed the meeting was short as I wanted to get back to doing the assignments.

As I packed my stuff to leave, I saw a few die hard football fans cueing in on the Champions League Semis between Barcelona and Manchester United. I joined them as “Tiger” Satya had connected his laptop to the TV and Stefano, Adrian and Santiago rooted for their favorite team (only of the two, not otherwise…) – Barcelona. Casey joined us soon and we did some Canadian football analysis. We watched this goalless draw over a few beers and headed home.

Our feeble effort at managing a work-life balance