My Search – Random Scribbling

The Search
I walked through the cobbled streets, in pursuit of my destiny
I did not turn right or left, afraid that I might lose my path
I walked across streams and lakes, hoping to get close to the end
But forgot to feel the mystical cold water touching my feet
I strayed along untreaded paths, to reach my destination sooner
But failed to realize the harmony of nature in the beaten down tracks
I walked past people, every now and then
But I told to myself they will distract my journey before its end
My journey took me to wonders, which I have not heard off
But because of my focus, I never found time to marvel these splendours
After many years of journey, I thought I reached its end
Only to realize, that I came to the start where it all began
I was disappointed that I did not reach my destination
And complained and blamed things I did not comprehend
As time passed by, I realized the truth
That the journey had no end but it was merely a path
The purpose of the journey was not to find answers
But it was all about searching for truth in all corners
Now I can pick myself up and start the journey all over again
With only thought of enjoying the journey, with no expectation but fun.