My Berlin Story

When I came to ESMT, I wanted to write a blog every single week, then I thought maybe once a month, finally when I decided to write, it had already been two months. Am I lazy? Maybe, but I guess the better answer is that the course is intense.
I arrived in Berlin, exactly the same date, two months back, with lots of expectation.

On my first day in Berlin, I couldn’t’ check into the hostel because the check out time was in the evening. Then I rush to the school for a photo session and looked disastrous (however the photographer managed to salvage something better from such a disaster). After the session, there was a dinner with the entire class and only after the dinner did I realize that I had not slept for the last 48 hours. Things were about to get better, when I was informed that I had to show up at 6 am next day (after only three hours of sleep) for a team bonding exercise. If you think this was fun just wait for the next part, I had to go on a three hour trekking expedition in the cold weather along with my fellow colleagues.
I kept saying to myself these are only the initial days and then once the course starts it’s going to be relaxing. But I guess I ‘misunderestimated’ (as Bush Jr would have said). Things went in frantic pace and in two months, I have completed one module and already staring at the end of the next one. Was it stressful? Yes, was it challenging? Yes, did I learn something out of it? Yes, but above all did I have fun? Oh Yes, because without having fun, you cannot stay in this program.
In my experience so far in Berlin, I have met some fascinating people (like the lady who cut my hair, I don’t think she had any clue on how long was 3cm), strange people (like the one who called himself to be hiding from KGB), crooks (who tried to fraud me on my apartment search) and some really nice people (like the waiter who did not charge me for my food, because he couldn’t find the entry in the bill, even though I tried to convince him that I ate in the restaurant). With so much happening around me in the last two months, if I have to use one word to convey the true essence of this journey and the program itself then it would be “Carpe Diem” seize the moment and make it count, because you will not get a second chance.