ManU lines up in Singapore

Wrapping up Module 4, all groups were asked to prepare and deliver a short seminar over the internet (aka webinar).
The good part was that it was basically up to each group to decide on the topic for its own webinar, as long as that could be analyzed with the lenses of the elective courses that took place during the module. These included disciplines like strategic innovation and creativity, sustainable business, brands, or international finance.

A Financial Times news article about the Manchester United flotation in the Singapore stock exchange caught our attention. This was it: our opportunity to finally do something in the program about football!
So we did. During approximately 30 minutes, we looked at Manchester United FC from very different angles. How did this brand become one of the most valuable in the sports world? What does the club do to innovate and cater to new markets? What is there behind its IPO? And why the heck in Singapore?

In the picture below, the system is set up and ready to roll. Nishant “Bobby” Aurora just can’t hold it any longer. Let the show begin.