Making sense out of nothing – What would I do if this was the last day of my life?

After a long time, I felt that I did not have anything to do and when I do not have anything to do, I write. However, when  I realized that when I write without any purpose it made more sense than anything that I wrote when I was in my senses. In order to continue with this tradition, I decided I should write something and only thing that came to my mind is the question what would I do if I knew this was the last day of my life? A philosophical question that one can think about, only when a substance crosses the blood brain barrier (if you don’t understand this blood brain barrier, I am sorry; I did my biochemistry 101 in my Masters so I should throw this in some way to ensure that you don’t understand).


So I prepared a list of things that I would do
1. Talk to all my friends and tell them how much I care for them
2. Spend as much time with my family and let them know they are my priority
3. Call everyone I hurt in every small way and tell them that I was really messed up
4. Meet everyone who helped me in a small way and thank them
5. Give hope to a few people that have lost hope
And the list goes on…..


When I finished this list I looked back and thought what could be the list of things that someone wants to do (hoping they would live an infinite amount of time)
1. It could be to climb the corporate ladder and be known as the exemplary leader (Can’t help this, if you go to a B-School, you can never finish an article without mentioning about leadership)
2. Earn so much money that one literally could sink on it and not care about anyone else (they have another name for it profit maximization- by the way it’s not after all a complicated things let the Excel solver do it for you)
3. Network and build contacts that one think will get them to the next stage of their career (this is the most essential skill you need to have or so I was informed)
4. Build a dream house that one think will be the sanctuary that can never be destroyed (Who can blame this lofty dream?)
5. Buy anything and everything that provides satisfaction for mortal cravings (This is what you learn in Marketing 101, create and satisfy consumer demand)
6. More than anything else, believing that the entire world revolves around oneself (I guess this has to do with the entire I-GENERATION)


Now I looked at both the lists and compared (this is called structured problem solving in B-school lingo) and found that none of the priorities one sets thinking that will live forever matches the priorities one could set assuming that could be the last day. It showed me that maybe we go too fast in our pursuits that we lose focus on the purpose. It is the purpose that needs to define an individual rather than the pursuits. Besides, it is the people that count in your journey not the things, but we get engrossed in the things that we forget the people who made the difference. I guess someone before me by the name of Abraham Lincoln said it better so I will borrow his words, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”…. I guess my boredom has come to an end and so has my creativity… Carpe Diem