IPSO Team off to Haiti

Tomorrow, our practice project will take a whole new dimension. The field component of the project is moving to the next level: Julia, Michael and myself will be in Haiti! We are very excited about it!


This is an opportunity in so many ways! Not only will we gain first hand experience about the real challenges NGOs face, but will learn about a very different culture in a very different location. I did some reading on post-quake Haiti and learned a little about the plight of the people. I think that being there and seeing how they cope with so many constraints will be a huge personal learning experience. I hope to come back with not only a plan for the mental support centers in Haiti, but with a different mindset and rich baggage of experiences.


Packing to leave, Laura Guillen (my thesis coordinator) comes to my mind and thesis pressure feels stronger. I saved what materials I could in my laptop (Thank you, Karen and everyone at Information Center for the valuable e-books option!). I took precautions to mitigate dangers like the cholera outbreak.  The question persists in my mind: if I need to take these precautions for just 10 days, how does one feel to actually live there?.. I guess I’ll have the answer by the time I get back.