What I will miss next year…

It was obvious from my previous post that last Module was very strategic and therefore strategically busy. I feel somehow guilty that all blog-readers missed a lot of news and things which happened on campus, I will try to recover this flaw with my next posts…

At the same time our MBA program is rolling towards the end, and I decided to make my personal (of course, not full) “inventory list” of things I am going to miss next year, when I leave ESMT.

1. Astonishing view of Berliner Dom from Auditorium II windows
2. MBA Team: now I am really worrying that I can forget to mention all members of our great MBA team, so I am writing just like that – from Admission process to everyday organization of our schedule, support, and help – YOU ARE GREAT!!
3. Professors: their ability to surprise, passion in sharing knowledge and desire to challenge us every day
4. Information Center: just perfect place to be in, thank you!
5. Canteen: it is not “canteen” it is delicious-delicious-delicious cuisine and “mother-like” attention to details
6. Cleaning ladies Cleaning Queens: first people I see on campus in the morning with their cheerful “Guten Morgen!”, meaning that morning is REALLY good
7. My Team = My Classmates = My Colleagues: persistent students, simulation winners, “teammate-tutors” (thank you, Doreen), party fans, football players, Bergfest organizers, carnival lovers, and all-all-all you can see on these photos…


P.S. Special thanks to Adeline, Doreen, Junayd, Ming Li, Gerardo and Mukesh for sharing their nice pictures!