Holding court…

This is the phase I have dreamt of for ages. Why I believe so, is both by faith and by conviction. I have never been content treading upon where others have left the leathers of their shoes. It is a consuming urge to change the nature of the game, grandiose to some, but in life you set the boundaries within which you want to live. It has never been about keeping up with the Jones’ but rather, not getting upset about your familienwagen when the Jones’ get themselves his and hers porsches or even even a ferrari for driving on weekends! A good life is led by those who are not only content being who they are and where they are but also those in sufficient charge of things to be able to change gears when the need calls for it. Okay, aside the wordiness, it’s about choice. You only have a choice when the decision is yours and the results thereof will not hurt you, your family or career. I suppose most people can chose not to go to work on a cold and wet day but not for long! Sooner or later fear or pressure from internal or external factors grips them and they run back. I am not proposing that we all quit jobs in a game of dare but just stating the obvious. We tend to think of freedom as political, social, academic ,marital etc only but most people in the world will never be economically free but automatons till their last breath. This applies as much to rural India or Africa as to Canary Wharf in London or Wallstreet. The contagion of debt is working its magic in the West in as much as poverty has done its share in the Third World. It is thus necessary to pay attention to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Okay, it is largely a talkshop and backpatting break for those whom we look at and look up to. Aside from washed out politicians, self-made millionaires now turned sages and the ever present papparazi, there will be a few with something worthy of our attention. I figured the best way to get an invite is to DO SOMETHING. I intend to be there as a participant in 2009. I have ideas they could use.

What does it take to challenge yourself for the grandest prize you can imagine? Courage and faith enough to move mountains, thicker skin than old leather boots, determination and sheer will power sufficient to ignore the plenty nay-sayers. Forget about the 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration stuff, Newton was just trying to discourage others from emulating his feats. If you look at history, he has thus far succeeded! The key is to do what you love for a living, if unlucky love what you do then ‘work’ stops being work and you needn’t sweat no more!

I love the bumper sticker I saw eons ago,'”Sometimes me sits and thinks and sometimes me just sits”, it is reminder to guard against lethargy. For what I want to do, I have to remain mobile and agile. The overcast skies and rains have convinced me that whatever Iget involved in must land me a ‘winter’ home where the skies are blue and the water is blue at this time of year. On that note Ciao!


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