This friday brought to an end the MBA program with the confering of certificates, final words of wisdom and then a dinner/dance. It was a day and a night to remember. It was rather nice by all accounts. The day was pleasant and beautiful. Despite the grey weather, we refused to be muted in our celebrations. I have always been touched by officianados who bring personal experiences and lessons to speeches at such gatherings. It takes courage and faith to share something that you hold so dear. And also love…The old profs really set a tone for the new lives due to begin the next morning. Values, ethics and good practice pay off many times over in a lifetime. My guests, some well experienced at making speeches and giving advice to others even remarked they felt like taking notes. So I guess, the profs were vindicated in their wisdom.

Long after the early birds had feasted and retired, the profs put on a ‘Blues Brothers’ show. It was great fun. Sometimes it pays to stick around…

The school is pretty much a showpiece on its own. The lasting impression has been that I and others should consider ourselves favoured to have come here. We now need to go out there and just sing!

Yes, ESMT has been good to us. They took a risk by bringing all of us together but I have no doubt in my mind they made a darn good decision. I promised to keep writing the blog till someone in the building pulls the plug and will do so. I also promised to do things ‘out there’ and will definitely do those. I have been incumbating ideas for years now that really need to be realised. As usual, some will never buy what you say till it stares them in the face, whilst others have been quick to throw down the gauntlet.  A challenge to meet in a 2 years time and have results to show. Done! Without a deadline, one can just drift through life and feel that ‘next year’ it will happen.

You know the program is really over when the numerous coffee machines and dispensers that kept us oiled and running during the year have been disconnected! I now have to go across the road for fix. But despite the cold, I am as happy as a lark! In fact, I will be having the traditional ‘gluhwein’ with 0.5m wurst with a dollop of ketchup. Hey, smile! I am in Berlin!


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