Free at last. World here we come!

The above is a centuries old cry of elation which in this case is augmented by the next step that awaits us. Getting back to society and the daily routine of life. I feel like a kid given new trainers or a football, he will either run all day or kick the ball around all day till his energy is sapped and sleep like a baby. It is this passion of childhood that I want to sustain well into the grey years. I am not there yet!I intend to keep running till my ticker has calcified with age.

The last assignment from the college kept us up all night and just for good measure had a morning deadline. I had planned to email the office a copy of “version 1” as insurance just in case I dozed off way past submission time. On my way home for quick reboosting nap I went into a study room where a friend was furiously working and decided to settle there and sponge off the energy surplus. Helped a great deal too. Sometimes when your body is telling you to sleeeeep, sight of another body at work restarts the engine and earns you at least another hour.

1530 Hr

I have just been released after making a group presentation of 20 minutes on Prof Mintzberg’s ideas regarding the MBA. Controversial? Yes! but really new probably not but well repackaged. Controversy works for all, from professors to illiterate but ‘blinged’ rappers.

I am now free…… take up my place in the world. Geronimo!!!!


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