Fly fly away

Yesterday we had to be up in the wee hours of the morning to get on the train to
Hamburg for a corporate visit to EADS. Yes that’s right the home of AIRBUS and the famous A380.It is all indeed larger than life. We first had a presentation of the company strategy and its various businesses then after lunch we had one of the test pilots take us on the tour round the facility for the A320 plane assembly .It was just awesome. Some robots working away here and there, then some tasks too intricate to leave to robots alone which require human intervention. Being a conservative chartered accountant, I never thought I would find myself considering a high technology career, but this stuff is pretty exciting and I was attracted. After all ,they do say
you can be anything you want to be,so why not.

I mean, you see some of this on documentaries on TV but nothing compares to the experience of actually standing in the huge plant and seeing the fuselage(outer interior shell of plan) Did you know the fuselage is only 3mm thick? . It is then that you realise the marvels of modern science. All in all a very exciting day, pity we didn’t get to test drive the A380.

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I am an MBA student at esmt. Chartered Accountant by profession and of Zimbabwean origin.