It’s been a long time since I started telling myself ( and Tendi) that I’m gonna do this. So finally here it goes, my first ESMT blog.

Since this is my first entry, lemme talk about my typical day. I get up at 8 am on normal days ( when I have hit bed before 2 am) and 30 min later on others. I live real close by, so manage to get to classes on time. Check this out. The grey roof at Sclossplatz is ESMT. I live in Poststrasse just across the river. You must have noticed that the Spree ( pronounced “Shprey” for non-Germans) is on either side of the school. Ferries operate on this river all day along and on a sunny day it’s ideal to grab your cases studies and head out on one of those three hour rides, either into the city or out across the eastern suburbs to Lake Muggelsee. I’ve done it a couple of times and would strongly advise you to do these trips, easier with those discounted student passes that makes you love Berlin.

Whoa, this conversation has digressed like a case study discussion . Back to my day’s start, then I usually take three stairs at a time, skip the cargo vans at Maredo’s Spanish Grill, maneuver thru’ morning joggers on the bridge, sprint across Breitestrasse and enter school.

Normal days permit an espresso and a quick snap conversation with someone ( To think of it, most often its Peter Carvalho) at the coffee machine. Tea drinkers dont despair, ESMT has some 10 different kinds of tea at each beverages lounge, besides the supplies from China and Japan (Pray every batch has a Guang Hui and a Russ). You hear doors slamming, realise its 2 minutes to 9 , enough time to deposit your bag in the study room and rush into the class.

To be continued….

Current Book <Travels of a T-Shirt in a Global economy>

Current Main Action Item <Upgrading my RAM, my notebook’s slower than service at Kartoffel House>

Current Class Mood <Job Hunt>

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