Field trip to incredible India……..

Marcello spoke about China visit yesterday; I am on the team going to India for the International field trip. Some time ago, we were given the options to choose a preferred field trip destination-China or India and I think everyone got their first choice. I haven’t been to either of the places so any would have been fine.

Incredible India .With a population of over 1 billion, India is a pool of diversity;  people, cultures, languages, and of course the big entrepreneurial drive of its people .We are visiting companies in manufacturing ,IT and banking sector. During our ten days there, we will travel between Bangalore, Pune and then finally to Mumbai. 

 I was in the team for Banking and we have done some extensive research on the landscape in India under which these businesses are thriving. With a significant proportion of India’s population living in the rural areas-how is the banking sector tailoring products and developing distribution channels for this market segment? Some Indian banks riding on the successes at home have even moved on to go international and set up in the West. Interesting stuff, particularly for me, as someone coming from a developing country (I am Zimbabwean and I worked in the banking sector at home before moving abroad). 

This promises to be an exciting trip from both an academic and cultural perspective. More news when we return in July.

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