En garde!

The brain is an awful instrument. Long after it had tired of making daily changes to my thesis it is still rewriting it. Everyday, I experience eureka moments with ideas that ought to have been in my thesis but are only occuring now. They are definitely not flashbacks. I think that despite all pretenses, it is possible to refine your thesis till it reaches your best effort when anything you do dips the scale. It may or may not be perfection but as close as your particular set of talents get you.

I face my thesis defence soon and have been pleased by offers of wisdom from friends concerned at my welfare. I have been flattered by that. Despite all the toes I stepped on there are many more that I missed!  I have always been motivated by the sport of fencing. I never had the opportunity to learn it at school or college but will ensure that at some point I master it in my life. It has what games like chess lack. The combination of artistry, visual beauty, intelligence and coordination whilst retaining the added element of danger enough to keep you alert.

I am now looking at the finish line after rounding off the last bend. Anybody who has ever ran relays will know that the last handover makes heroes or villains of men. I am determined to keep my head up and faint only when i get home after the event. This college could not let us go without some final harsh treatment for old times sake. So we will be working flat out till the last minute on friday and then after an applause we shall run out to party! The children in us will definitely be let loose!

Our last module has been rather personal, focusing on drives, happiness and other subjects designed to delay gratification at getting a long-delayed paycheck. I broke a taboo today when I was asked what I would change if I were I to do the MBA all over again. I casually said I would change my classmates! I must have hurt some feelings from the quizzing looks I later received.Unfortunately, they forgot to leave the fish on the table! Actually, they have been a pretty good lot. I wouldn’t have been able to stand persons who were too much like me. One is already a handfull as many will agree.

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