Back to School

It’s been a while since our last post. But then, you cannot blame us for being in vacation, can you? The last weeks have been definitely a blessing, since most of us were finally able to relax after the stressing days following our arrival from China/India, including the Intopia simulation (see post below). Some went home, others visited nearby cities, and the bravest stayed in Berlin to explore the city. In the meantime we forgot how it feels to read a case -for good-, but here we are, back to school, recharged and ready to face the challenges of the second part of the MBA.

So how does it look like? Last week we had our first lessons, and let me tell you, it looks good. Sustainability, Corporate Governance and Markets & Regulations are some of the courses we had the chance to take a peek at. As we move to the second phase, subjects become more complex/interdisciplinary, and therefore more interesting. I am particularly surprised by sustainability, since it was always a subject that sounded kind of boring in the back of my mind. However, now that I am better aware of the fact that sustainability is about making money out of a good cause -either social or environmental- and that companies following this path have a good chance of success -see for instance the Toyota Prius, the hybrid that rocketed Toyota to number one car maker in the US-, I often find myself thinking about ideas to start my own sustainable business. So far nothing viable has come out of all the thinking, but hey, I have still four months down the line… 🙂

Well, its kind of late and tomorrow I need to be at school at 9 AM -I miss vacations- so I should better finish this post here. Gute Nacht und bis morgen..