Autumn begins….

What have we(the MBA class of 2007) been up to since I last wrote the blog? Ok, I will start with the social side and then talk a bit about the academic program later.

We have continued the tradition of themed bergfests as set last year . What is a themed bergfest? Students can dedicate a bergfest to their country-they get to serve their cultural food and drink and maybe do a presentation on their home country so that we all learn a little more about where they come from. In the past two weeks,we had the Japanese bergfest where Daisuke Nakayama donned on his apron and treated us to a special dish ‘ Okonomiyaki’ made on the bbq ,and then just a few days ago Sibel Pestemacigil organised the Turkish bergfest where we learnt some cool Turkish dances,and sampled a selection of Turkish dishes .

On the academic front (lest we forget!)we completed another module last week and are dedicating most of the schedule this week to some preparatory work for our practice projects which we will work on fulltime from the beginning of October. These projects are very exciting as they allow us to address a real business issue in a real company as a team of consultants. There also will be some travel involved, for some(such as myself) within Germany while other teams may go to various parts of Europe and some even further afield. More news on the practice projects in the next few weeks.

We also have some companies coming on campus for recruitment activities during this week.

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I am an MBA student at esmt. Chartered Accountant by profession and of Zimbabwean origin.

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  1. Tendy, I know you last blogged in 2007 and this is Dec. 2008, so you might never see this comment. I really enjoyed reading your blogs and I am curious to know what you are up now after all these awesome experiences! (Martindale P.S.)

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