2008 and beyond…

Welcome to 2008! My hearty congratulations for all who have made it with smiles and laughter in their hearts. The door has slammed shut on the past year’s exploits, achievements, worries and hurts. I take this opportunity to ask those I wronged and on whose toes I trampled on, to let bygones be just that! Those who managed to kick me where it hurts when it mattered most, shame on you! But I won’t hold it against you for I am already in 2008. A wise man said you only heal when you are ready to move past a hurt and not before..Food for thought for 2008.

I am a forward looking person by nature so I will not dwell on the ooohs and aaahs of the past year. Hence from the passage above I like to start on a fresh slate every year. So what did I learn in 2007 that will serve me in 2008 and beyond. Firstly, the experience of studying with nonclinicians for a start. The dynamics are entirely different. Funny though,because I had been hoping to break out of the medical circle for years. Aside from believing that there is something to be learnt from everybody and the challenge was to actively look for it. So I pretty much decided on that early on. The environment you are in and the people around you influence you subtle ways. For the record, hey class, I took all the good I saw and banked what I needed! Thanks for the opportunity! Of course as with everything in this world not everybody’s quality made the final cut.Supply and demand-you remember!

What do I forsee this year… aside from the class getting good jobs, being able to drift back to normalcy,some getting married, some trekking across the Andes or soaking up the rays in Thailand etc…I expect much. I believe this will be a year of fulfilling dreams and ambitions that have lain in wait for years for the enterprising ones, doing things unlike before for others and enjoying the fruits of their labour for the rest. Earlier on I had identified people like myself, rulebreakers and game changers, but have since realised that there are more. That has been a pleasant surprise. I am now certain that I was in good company…

Without a goal and a time restriction, procrastination sets in. I say go for it! With the new year should come new inspiration! See you at the finish line.


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