Football and ESMT Berlin

Football at esmt berlin

It was the last minute, a throw-in ball came in between two defenders. It was only the keeper that stood between the paths to victory. This was not a FIFA World Cup final, nor was it Ronaldo up against Buffon. This was just a bunch of exuberant, energetic master’s in management students from ESMT Berlin playing football.

The energy was high and the passion intense as the ESMT MIM students tackled their way across the football field. I ran against the wind on the pitch, racing past defenders and succeeding to score. I was a thousand miles from my hometown, yet I felt like I was at home.

We quickly came together as a team, admiring and appreciating each other’s performances. It was as though we had known each other and played together for years. We gave each other generous nicknames, such as the “Pakistani Benzema”, the “Lebanese Bazooka”, and “Milan’s Pirlo.”

What makes ESMT Berlin speciaL?

It was interesting to see the talent that the different countries had to offer. I definitely amazed people who had thought that Pakistan did not know anything about football. Coming from a non-footballing country, I felt special playing with Germans, Italians, and Spaniards. This dream is made into reality at ESMT Berlin, where we have 39 different nationalities studying for the MIM 2017-2019 Program.

On the football pitch, I realized that the students from ESMT Berlin’s MIM Program are special. Not only are they focused on academia, they are equally involved in extracurricular activities. ESMT Berlin is a perfect mix of diversity in all aspects, yet somehow, together under one roof, we are all trying to reach a common goal and helping one another along the way. I think that is what makes ESMT Berlin special.

football frenzy at ESMT

what’s better than waking up to play some soccer on a cold, cloudy day after one of the rare nights you can go out and party with your class mates? nothing, that’s what. ok, maybe i’m exaggerating, but it is awesome. and although this wasn’t the initial mindset when people started arriving (i’m looking at you, south africans), about ten minutes into the match everyone had forgotten about homework, hangovers, and just about everything else related to this crazy school life we are living. we were just having fun and getting some exercise. by the end of the match it was all smiles, hugs, gasps for air, and rice crispy treats (holler, jen langel!). in a way, it felt liberating. to quote bob marley: “Football is freedom.”

feeling the love,